Experience your space before you build!

AgileWalls is DIRTT in Saskatchewan. DIRTT uses ICE software that connects our clients intent right through to the job site installation. This is really the only company that marries technology with construction. With ICE you can make those design decisions and see the results right away. The image becomes the order, eliminating the most costly mistake in construction – miscommunication.

ICE’s ability to allow real time changes and then the connections to the factory floor and then further extending them to the vr world is the magic of what we are doing.

You feel safer when you know what it is going to look like. It really is the people that will live in the space, that we are there to satisfy. The picture being the order is so powerful because you understand what you are going to get. You understand the timeline, you understand the cost. You understand everything upfront, which in conventional construction is unheard of.

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To find out more click here http://www.agilewalls.ca or give us a call at 306-359-7010, or stop by one of our DIRTT eXperience Centers (DXC) in Regina at 1323 Albert Street or in Saskatoon at 1705 Quebec Ave.