Why Owners choose DIRTT prefab interior construction

Faster, cleaner, safer, more sustainable and there’s No Change Orders!

Included below are some case studies with owners addressing why they chose DIRTT for their projects.

MNP is a 65 year old Canadian National accounting and business advisory firm. They always sit down with their construction manager and go through the process of putting their space together, because within the process is where you win or loose on cost and schedule and ultimately quality.

MNP has found construction costs at or 10% below conventional construction costs, consistently. The ICE program and the fly throughs bringing it all together long before there is a project really does help the local managing partnership understand what the new space will look like.

Detroit Medical clinic chose DIRTT to renovate within their working hospital. They chose DIRTT because it cost 5% less than conventional construction. The project’s highest priority was time. The team expected the schedule to stay neutral, instead they saved nearly a month. The owners were concerned about what it would look like, would it come in on time and on budget. The project hit on all three of these.

CAST Tech High School
An old 1930s trade school in urban San Antonio turns into a high tech learning place for high school students interested in careers in technology. Schedule is short. List of tech requirements is long. A supportive learning environment is paramount. Watch how the general contractor, designer and school staff work to create the best possible outcome for the students. And see how proud the students are. STAY TUNED after the DIRTT logo there’s a hilarious story of just how proud these kids are.

Greater Atlanta Christian School was upgrading their tired junior and senior high classroom settings. The school is a non-profit with a decades old campus. They hoped/wished to get the entire demolition and renovation done over the summer. Not until they found DIRTT was that a possibility. Things went so well, they decided to test DIRTT’s Timber Frame for their performing arts center. Watch as their school becomes a tour stop for educators to see how they approached their physical space while breaking free from the status quo.

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