Why Do Owners, Designers, Architects & General Contractors use DIRTT Prefab Solutions?

Because its faster, cleaner, safer and more sustainable and there are no change orders.

In the following video you will hear why Withum and their architects used DIRTT prefab in their project.

Following below the video, see specifics of how DIRTT is faster, cleaner, safer and more sustainable than conventional construction.

Withum, a top national accounting firm used DIRTT. When the architect put the plan together, he blanked out the plan so the GC could have a really good understanding of the efficiencies by installing everything about the ceiling in one shot with no walls to work around.

There were ladders everywhere, yet all the trades were allowed efficient easy access to the entire area. No one was held up waiting to get past someone up on a ladder in a hallway. And there was no more moving construction materials from inside one room, down the hall and into another room as there were no interio steel stud walls to maneuver through.

There were zero change orders on the DIRTT prefab portion of the project and the DIRTT project came in at $32 per square foot as planned.

Conventional .02 300x199 - Prefab vs Conventional

What changes when using Prefab Construction?

Both conventional construction and prefab construction start
with the same empty space after demo is done. Mechanical heating & cooling ducts, along with sprinkler lines being installed below the deck.

Conventional 5 2 300x200 - Prefab vs ConventionalConventional sites

Steel studs get installed early on so

electrical and data work can be run within

the walls, restricting sub-trade movement

to corridors and doorways

Clean construction 300x225 - Prefab vs ConventionalPrefab Construction Site

Remains wide open allowing electrical

and data work to be done safely

and more efficiently

and the site remains a lot less congested

Conventional 4 300x288 - Prefab vs Conventional

Conventional 2 300x199 - Prefab vs Conventional

 Conventional Site

continues to become more congested with drywall & insulation.

Site becomes difficult to navigate as

trades need to work on ladders taking up the entire hallway.

Clean Construction 2 300x225 - Prefab vs ConventionalPrefab Construction Site

Remains wide open allowing ceiling grid, lights,

electrical and flooring to be installed quicker and safer.


Prefab site progression photos below

Prefab cons 300x155 - Prefab vs Conventionalconv graphic 300x165 - Prefab vs ConventionalConventional Construction project schedule on the left has work completed in week 17 but using DIRTT prefab construction has the same project completed in week 13.