DIRTT Infographic ClientExp.Overview 2pager F Part1 1 232x300 - Digital Manufacturing and Digital ConstructionHow you would benefit from using Digital Manufacturing and Construction on your next commercial project.

By building with DIRTT as the basis of your design, leave the problems of conventional, hand-built, construction behind and gain all the benefits of the new worlds of digital construction and manufacturing.

You solve the challenges of prefab, where you can only choose from a catalogue.

And you solve the challenges of construction, where you may get what you want but have no idea of how much it will cost or how long it will take.

Through intelligent virtual reality, you are fully engaged and informed throughout the design of your space. DIRTT’s software called ICE® gives you a real-time videogame experience filled with the data to price and build exactly what you see and modify.

The construction process is now less reliant on hard-to-find skilled labor and is ready for move-in much sooner. Even the other trades on the jobsite will see efficiencies that allow them to bid lower on your project while being more profitable for their own business.

DIRTT infographic 2 300x147 - Digital Manufacturing and Digital ConstructionOnce moved in the ROI of your DIRTT-built space shows itself through continually being responsive to your needs. Whether you need to change a TV inside a wall or move a conference room door or move everything, your space is pliable to your goals and opportunities.