From DIRTT President and CEO – Kevin O Meara

“At DIRTT we are changing how the world builds. DIRTT helps clients create custom interior spaces for who they are now and who they will become. Spaces that help people be their best, defy the status quo and minimize their impact on the environment.

ICE, our industry leading software drives DIRTT manufacturing. It provides certainty on costs, schedule and the final result. High quality commercial, healthcare and education spaces are built faster, cleaner and more efficiently.

Our proprietary software, ICE, powers what we do, but people provide the energy that fuels our growth. Each of our employees brings a passion for putting the client first, a commitment to sustainability and a focus on innovation. DIRTT stands for Doing It Right This Time. It’s not just our name it’s in our DNA.”

Check out the case studies below to see what our clients have to say!


The Salt-Lake-City-based training software giant, INSTRUCTURE, needed a temp space while their new building was being finished. They wanted two things: the temp space couldn’t feel temporary and they wanted to take it with them to the new building.

KCL Engineering

This globally renowned engineering firm, based in Des Moines Iowa, found a great old heritage building for their work-hard/play-hard team. To make it work for their fast pace and fun culture they integrated DIRTT, including DIRTT’s tech-delivered, heavy-timber solutions. The principals loved the construction approach so much, they even had some plexiglass finishes to show off the performance inside their walls.

JDA Software

Learn how JDA Software made a/v and adaptability the lynch pins for their new client experience center of their HQ in Arizona. The look and feel already has clients further along the sales cycle faster than ever before.