Why Owners Chose DIRTT Prefab for their projects – case studies

The Salt-Lake-City-based training software giant, INSTRUCTURE, needed a temp space while their new building was being finished. They wanted two things: the temp space couldn’t feel temporary and they wanted to take it with them to the new building.

KCL Engineering

This globally renowned engineering firm, based in Des Moines Iowa, found a great old heritage building for their work-hard/play-hard team. To make it work for their fast pace and fun culture they integrated DIRTT, including DIRTT’s tech-delivered, heavy-timber solutions. The principals loved the construction approach so much, they even had some plexiglass finishes to show off the performance inside their walls.

JDA Software

Learn how JDA Software made a/v and adaptability the lynch pins for their new client experience center of their HQ in Arizona. The look and feel already has clients further along the sales cycle faster than ever before.


In this case study, a top national accounting firm reflects culture from virtual to reality. Watch as these accountants use intelligent virtual reality to explore and modify their new offices, designed to attract the best and brightest in their industry. Follow them as they move into the exact design they envisioned for the price they were given – exceedingly fast. More on the project: https://www.dirtt.net/projects/office…

Greater Atlanta Christian School

The Greater Atlanta Christian School was struggling to build a performing arts center. They didn’t have the stage size or the audience capacity to suit their popular and growing program. The cost of a new building, in terms of money, time and pain, was too high to bear. But the only space available was an old, plain, smallish church. On top of it all, they wanted a space that would make people think of the beautiful, traditional schools and churches of Europe. Watch how they used DIRTT Timber to make their dream come true.

University of Iowa

This university learning commons is a showcase space dedicated to academic wellness.